A laughoholic.. dreamoholic.. I am the one who came out a little crazy..and thats when god said,” what was I thinking!!???”  Extremely unpredictable..wake me up in the middle  of  the night for late drive.. or for a journey to nowhere.. am game!! Prone to change.. most of the times.. indecisive some times.  ahem ahem. but up for a challenge.. all the time !!
I am the one they call the charmer.. so u better start preparing to get sprinkled by some enchantments!!
skookum tumtum…. hehe…yup dats me too.. try lookin it up in the dictionary!! Fond of something new all the time.. stagnancy bores me right to the last molecule in my body!! My friends often refuse to ride wid me!! hehe..Activa is in its last stage, and dat kind of shapes up well for me :p
The heart and soul of anythin and everything around me.. so much for modesty!!

i dont know how i ended up wrkin towards n mba.. so i gotta learn the group culture frm smwhere!!
did i tell ya i love making ambigrams??.. and dats kind of the last thing expected from me.. ;P

i hate…sleeping!! specially those aftrnoon naps!! ( did i tell you i had a great nap today afternoon) self contradictory.. well in a positive way..watever dat means!!

u gotta knw me to love me.. and u wud love lovin me !!!  SWEET DHAKKAN ! MATKO + Pagal!!)

p.s- am ridiculously bad at remembering names and numbers !!{this was updated recetly after i started doing Math again for mba preparation ;P }