Hello friends,

Firework Obsession!!!  When I and my very close friend Shravya were talking about diwali , this is what I had to say !!!

Shravya: hey.. how was ur diwali?me: heydiwali was awesomShravya: so.. nice to knw u had fun..me: yeahShravya: thats awesome.. lighted fireworks?

1:34 PM
me: yeah
adobe firework
there are more
1:35 PM .. i had made many
Shravya: yeah will check out..
me: but i thought awesome was the best
1:36 PM Shravya: what,,?  (she dint know what was i actually talking about here then )
1:38 PM me: the word awesome was better than the rest of the ambigrams i made
u can surely leave a comment 🙂
Shravya: yeah sure.. i will i wil..
1:39 PM me: 🙂

I am sure this is how i torture all of you to comment on my ambigrams and blogs ;P Please bear with me !! ;P But i really appreciate your comments and your precious time and my precious blogs ;P hehe kidding !!!!

Anyways, Diwali Diya s To all of you , who visited my blog and also who commented on my blog !!! I have painted it myself 🙂


Happy Diwali !!  Please feel free to comment  ;P )

Thanks for visiting !!!