Hello Friends,

So its Women’s Day !!
Dont you guys think you deserve a day too ? Come on, Fathers’ day is not enough, I guess Men don’t realize that be it Valentines day, be it Rakshabandan , be it any day they are the ones who have to gift the girls 😀 . Ahem girls relax but we want a reality check. Men and Women are “different but equal” A famous quote said by The Rebbe “After thousands of years of male dominance, we now stand at the beginning of the feminine era, when women will rise to their appropriate prominence, and the entire world will recognize the harmony between man and woman

Coming to the point I wonder why people celebrate those day in the first case. Just to show that they care ? oh oh oh , I am sorry but wow , Thanks for a drama on 1 single day. Do people remember their sister, mother, grand-mom, gfs, aunt, etc etc only on this day ? oh there is a Valentines day for the gfs , a mothers day for mothers. Love the person , respect the person only one day in the year ? Is that all we want? or should I say we are sooooo busy with our socio-economic status that we postpone all our regards/love/respect to be said just on a particular day. We really appreciate it but thank you. I am sure the present century girls oh even the guys do not want, I am sorry DO NOT WANT SUCH days. We want all the 365 days where people respect every1. I am sure the world would be very different. The rape cases, the parent who have been kicked out ,no racism, no caste problem., no reservation nothing ,

I seriously feel if one has to name a day
-Cant we just have “Happy Being day ” –Cant we just thank god for giving us this beautiful day for us to do something we want to .
-Cant we just appreciate the day and live life with the whole spirit ? i am sure if every1 has a similar vision, the way i do (in this context atleast) We wont be far off from living a life without any sadness, hatred.

Thats what i call “All izz well” Live life like no 1 will forget you ofcourse for your good deeds 🙂 We just have 1 life to make a difference . Make good use of it 🙂