Hello Friends,
This post of mine goes to my badminton coach Mr Lingeshwar Rao Reddy who taught me tricks and helped me become a good badminton player.This is not boasting πŸ˜€ but wanted to tell that he is a great player and a wonderful coach. Thanks to him i could achieve these trophies in just 2 yrs-4 yrs. :).

During the inter-school Badminton competition held in Al-Jubail,Al Dammam, Al Jedah and Riyadh . We , the IIS -Jubail Girls backed many trophies in many fields like badminton, table tennis, Athletics . Fortunate enough to contribute πŸ™‚

Will click a better pic and update it . There are 20 trophies on that table πŸ˜€ all mine πŸ˜€ yay !!!