My normal life got interesting suddenly. The curiosity increases. Those sleepless nights, Is it just me or something is wrong with the wind. The climate seems to be hottter than it should be but seems like i am in Kashmir. Am i in love ? Feels like jumping. Did I see the passion like this ever before ? I couldnt have been more restless than falling in love with you My … oh no not going to reveal the name.. YES you got me right .. I am talking about the Game which is not just a game now .. Its a matter or Pride, Happiness ,with a motto of Love All in the spirits Thats CRICKET. And if the match is about India VS Pakistan, it has to be Super duper HYPE SHYPE. The Prime Minster of Pakistan joining us and making it a match officially an HYPED “External Affairs” . Too bad for the players for such mental pressures .But Dhoni ji is kept cool by posting this dialogues across “Afridi aur Akhtar se darr nahi lagta saahab..Munaaf aur Nehra se lagta hai”. Too good . Go Dhoni Go Dho daalo ..

But Seriously the match might cause more disasters than any world to borrow nails for tomorrows excitement now 😀 OMG.
First ever official Mass bunks ever in the history of the Indian Schhols, and the Indian Colleges oh how can i forget i am also pretending working from home tomorrow.
Small tip to the lovers specially girls — Tomorrow if the boy sticks with you rather than watching THE MATCH i think you should marry him :D.

Tips to the Pak Players 🙂 Finish off your packing asap might save time for flight back home tomorrow 🙂