That awkward moment when your friend tells you that he/she got married and you mistakenly ask With your gf ?
i was speaking to a friend after a LONG time ( i think 2 yrs back ) so i vaguely remembered he had a girl friend . On a casual weekend i happened to see him online and started chatting.After the casual talks he told me that he was busy all these days and he got married . I was super excited (as always ) . , the curiosity was killing me to know who the girl was. With all the guts i asked him “With your gf ? ” . The time was hardly moving. I almost stopped breathing. All i could think was he dint get married to his gf and was sitting next to his wife who might have read if he had a gf 😀 well i know so mean of me !!! But anyways. I was thinking i have really been crazy to have asked that question the 1st place so i would let him handle his wives sentiyaapa for some time and probably ping him after few months 😀
God that sucks. I was really feeling bad that i am the reason for the couple to end up fighting.
To my surprise he pinged me back and said Yes he got married to his gf . It was all so quick so he couldnt inform. Well that revealed the hell out of me.

I learnt a lesson of this 5 minutes chat i had with my friend .
1. Never share your password with your GF/BF/Husbasd/Wife
2. Never ask a question to the person whose telling you that he s got married 😀 You might fall in a bigger trap.

#Super Crazy Chat on one fine Sunday