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A Tribute to my Badminton Teacher

Hello Friends,
This post of mine goes to my badminton coach Mr Lingeshwar Rao Reddy who taught me tricks and helped me become a good badminton player.This is not boasting 😀 but wanted to tell that he is a great player and a wonderful coach. Thanks to him i could achieve these trophies in just 2 yrs-4 yrs. :).

During the inter-school Badminton competition held in Al-Jubail,Al Dammam, Al Jedah and Riyadh . We , the IIS -Jubail Girls backed many trophies in many fields like badminton, table tennis, Athletics . Fortunate enough to contribute 🙂

Will click a better pic and update it . There are 20 trophies on that table 😀 all mine 😀 yay !!!



I think the title should have been “A Journey – JUBAIL -JEDDAH- JUBAIL”
Never mind, It was the turn of IIS- Jeddah (International Indian School -Jeddah) to hold the Annual Cluster Meet in the year 2002-2003. Did i tell you i was in IIS Al Jubail ? Anyways, out of 1000s of students , 20  were the fortunate ones to represent our school in this interschool event. It was an overwhelming experience flying over the desert (one corner to the other). We were welcomed by the IIS -Jeddah teachers and reached the school asap. We begun our cluster meet with a March Past. I felt honoured to lead my school team in the Opening Ceremony , a feeling to Win all the Sports competition we were in. All the participants in Athletics, Badminton, TT, Debate performed to the best of their ability to bring glory to our school. The winners felt jubilant while the losers left with a determination to achieve their goal next time. We backed many Trophies and Medals to make our school proud of us.

Part of our activity other than Sports meet was  SNOW WORLD . Surprised ? A snow world in a desert ? Yes indeed the best moment of my life and that too in a “Burqua “. 😀 (dont be surprised , i was in KSA 🙂 ) . We enjoyed sight seeing and playing Antaksharii and other indoor games when we were not occupied.

Bringing laurels to our school gave us immense pleasure. Finally the jubilant Jubail Jacks Jogged to Jubail after a Joyful Journey in Jeddah

(This article was printed in our School Magazine)


Hello friends,

Its 3 in the morning and i was doing my normal Math revision and solving few problems. I dont know what got into my head and i thought lets try writing names only using numbers .Here you go !!!!

Any guesses what does the number reads ???  Let me know how u liked it 🙂

If i get bored studying , I might make 1 for your name too !!! Happy Visiting !!

Love from my Grandmom

Hello friends,

My lovable dadi had written a poem for me few days back .I wanted it to show off to the world. this is what she thinks of me 🙂

सौम्य सलोनी सुंदर सी मेरी पोती एक प्राची है
इठलाती इतराती मुस्काती हस्ती गाती एक प्राची है
नन्हे नन्हे पग धरती थी और मुजको देख ठुनकती थी
गोदी चड़ने की जिद करती थी सब को खुश करती एक प्राची है
चंचल नटखट सी सदा रही चिपटी और छुपाती रही
आँखें मूंद के हाथो से मुझे धुन्धो कहती एक प्राची है
घर के हर कोने कोने मह किलकारी हस्सी समाई है
छवि चविली लगती थी भोली भाली भली एक प्राची है
कब छोटी बिटिया बड़ी हुई बगिया की नाज़ुक कलि हुई
कब बढ़ी सुघड़ समझदार हुई अब अभियंता बनी एक प्राची है
संस्कार लिए सुविचार लिए सादर विनम्र व्यव्हार लिए
साद गुंड के सब आचार लिए समुचित शिक्षायुत एक प्राची है
हेम से हुलसित प्राची है प्रेम से पुलकित प्राची है
हमसब की प्यारी प्राची है दादी की दुलारी प्राची है “

For people like me who has problem reading hindi ;P this is for them to read 🙂

soumya saloni sundar si meri poti ek prachi hai
ithlati itraati muskaati hasti gaati ek prachi hai
nanhe nanhe pag dharti thi aur mujko dekh thunakti thi
goddi chadhne ki jidh karti sabko khush karti ek prachi hai
chanchal natkhat si sada rahi chipti aur chipaati rahi
aankhen moond ke haathon se muje dhundho khehti ek prachi hai
ghar ke har kone kone meh kilkaari hasi samayi hai
chabi chabili lagti thi bholi bhaali bhali ek prachi hai
kab choti bitiya badi hui bagiya ki najuk kali hui
kab badhi sughad samajhdaar hui aab aabhiyanta bani ek prachi hai
sanskaar liye suvichaar liye saadar vinamr vyvhaaar liye sadh gund ke sab aachaar liye samuchit sikhshayut ek prachi hai
Hem se hulsit prachi hai prem se pulkit prachi hai
hum sab ki pyaari prachi hai
Dadi ki dulaari prachi hai 🙂

I love you dadi 🙂

Hello friends,

Firework Obsession!!!  When I and my very close friend Shravya were talking about diwali , this is what I had to say !!!

Shravya: hey.. how was ur diwali?me: heydiwali was awesomShravya: so.. nice to knw u had yeahShravya: thats awesome.. lighted fireworks?

1:34 PM
me: yeah
adobe firework
there are more
1:35 PM .. i had made many
Shravya: yeah will check out..
me: but i thought awesome was the best
1:36 PM Shravya: what,,?  (she dint know what was i actually talking about here then )
1:38 PM me: the word awesome was better than the rest of the ambigrams i made
u can surely leave a comment 🙂
Shravya: yeah sure.. i will i wil..
1:39 PM me: 🙂

I am sure this is how i torture all of you to comment on my ambigrams and blogs ;P Please bear with me !! ;P But i really appreciate your comments and your precious time and my precious blogs ;P hehe kidding !!!!

Anyways, Diwali Diya s To all of you , who visited my blog and also who commented on my blog !!! I have painted it myself 🙂


Happy Diwali !!  Please feel free to comment  ;P )

Thanks for visiting !!!

Guns and Golli’s

Hello friends,

Heard of my new hobby???  Its Shooting. !!! Pretty Scaring but ITS SO MUCH EXCITING !!!

My mom would have preferred teaching me how to cook rather than Learning Rifles an Pistols. ;P anyways Got through all Odds and finally had my wish fulfilled.

Prateek called me up saying “What do you wish to learn ?? Rifle or Pistol ?? ;P ”

I was surprised but excited hearing the fact that I am going to learn SHOOTING >!!!

Oh no not those What you see in FAIRS ;P These are real guns you get to hold.

Its so much more than Fun i tell you.  What i tried till date was an Air Rifle and Pistol.

DAMN heavy to pick it with 1 hand.

A limerick was posted by my friend rohit.  visit,

Anyways, Check out Miss Jhaasi kki Raani with her Rifle .

If you dont comment, just a reminder i know Shooting 🙂

Phullan Devi ki Jay !!

A laughoholic.. dreamoholic.. I am the one who came out a little crazy..and thats when god said,” what was I thinking!!???”  Extremely unpredictable..wake me up in the middle  of  the night for late drive.. or for a journey to nowhere.. am game!! Prone to change.. most of the times.. indecisive some times.  ahem ahem. but up for a challenge.. all the time !!
I am the one they call the charmer.. so u better start preparing to get sprinkled by some enchantments!!
skookum tumtum…. hehe…yup dats me too.. try lookin it up in the dictionary!! Fond of something new all the time.. stagnancy bores me right to the last molecule in my body!! My friends often refuse to ride wid me!! hehe..Activa is in its last stage, and dat kind of shapes up well for me :p
The heart and soul of anythin and everything around me.. so much for modesty!!

i dont know how i ended up wrkin towards n mba.. so i gotta learn the group culture frm smwhere!!
did i tell ya i love making ambigrams??.. and dats kind of the last thing expected from me.. ;P

i hate…sleeping!! specially those aftrnoon naps!! ( did i tell you i had a great nap today afternoon) self contradictory.. well in a positive way..watever dat means!!

u gotta knw me to love me.. and u wud love lovin me !!!  SWEET DHAKKAN ! MATKO + Pagal!!)

p.s- am ridiculously bad at remembering names and numbers !!{this was updated recetly after i started doing Math again for mba preparation ;P }