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Hey Friends,
I know its been really long since i blogged anything as i am now busy with other things 😦 . I was just stumbling my computer and I came across few Pivot animation which my brother had saved which was “Worth blogging ” … Please have a look and feel free to comment 🙂  . Bro You Rock …Really appreciate your efforts 🙂 Please teach me as well 🙂

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Have you ever travelled with any girl/Woman/Aunty/Mom/Sister ?
Girls and there huge big bags overloaded makes every one wonder what is actually in it?
Nevermind , its almost a mini home that they carry in the suitcases ;P

Folks have you ever wondered what are those overloaded bags renamed as in our 21st century?

” ठूसcases 🙂 ”

Enjoy your trips !! Dont forget to take your Thusscases 🙂

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MJ Dance -My 1st Animation !!!

Hey Friends ,
I am back again!!! Well I was always keen on making an animation . Just tried my hands on it …

mj Please leave a comment for sure 🙂

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Hello friends,

Firework Obsession!!!  When I and my very close friend Shravya were talking about diwali , this is what I had to say !!!

Shravya: hey.. how was ur diwali?me: heydiwali was awesomShravya: so.. nice to knw u had yeahShravya: thats awesome.. lighted fireworks?

1:34 PM
me: yeah
adobe firework
there are more
1:35 PM .. i had made many
Shravya: yeah will check out..
me: but i thought awesome was the best
1:36 PM Shravya: what,,?  (she dint know what was i actually talking about here then )
1:38 PM me: the word awesome was better than the rest of the ambigrams i made
u can surely leave a comment 🙂
Shravya: yeah sure.. i will i wil..
1:39 PM me: 🙂

I am sure this is how i torture all of you to comment on my ambigrams and blogs ;P Please bear with me !! ;P But i really appreciate your comments and your precious time and my precious blogs ;P hehe kidding !!!!

Anyways, Diwali Diya s To all of you , who visited my blog and also who commented on my blog !!! I have painted it myself 🙂


Happy Diwali !!  Please feel free to comment  ;P )

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Guns and Golli’s

Hello friends,

Heard of my new hobby???  Its Shooting. !!! Pretty Scaring but ITS SO MUCH EXCITING !!!

My mom would have preferred teaching me how to cook rather than Learning Rifles an Pistols. ;P anyways Got through all Odds and finally had my wish fulfilled.

Prateek called me up saying “What do you wish to learn ?? Rifle or Pistol ?? ;P ”

I was surprised but excited hearing the fact that I am going to learn SHOOTING >!!!

Oh no not those What you see in FAIRS ;P These are real guns you get to hold.

Its so much more than Fun i tell you.  What i tried till date was an Air Rifle and Pistol.

DAMN heavy to pick it with 1 hand.

A limerick was posted by my friend rohit.  visit,

Anyways, Check out Miss Jhaasi kki Raani with her Rifle .

If you dont comment, just a reminder i know Shooting 🙂

Phullan Devi ki Jay !!