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Mood for a Hol-0-Gram


Bed time

Hello friends ,

My next creation / design !!! i hope it was worth blogging !!!

Would like to know ur comments !!!

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Hello Friends,

A logo for….. i am sure this is an easy guess 🙂

That Stretched ‘ Y’ was purposely made like that . Added the new version as well,

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Write my name

Hello Friends,

Tried this,, let me know whihc 1 of them is better … i wodnt mind hearing a None as well ;P but please feel free for suggesting stuffs as i am still learning 🙂

Speciality of these logo design is that , it is made with different ‘Fonts nothing else.Just rearranged the way they look. Like i say looks the way it spells and spells the way it looks



Hello friends,

I am sure every1 would wish the municipality buses become this colorful !!

A Jug

Hello friends,

This logo could be used by the manufacturers of JUG . Please contact me for the more details and check out my other logos. 🙂



Hello Friends,

My new obsession has become making objects which spells the way they look and vice versa. 🙂

Any guesses?? 🙂

Bell the Cat

Hello Friends.
As picture is worth 1000 words !!! A good lucklogo for all the MBA Aspirants !!! Wish you All the best !!!


Hello friends,

Its 3 in the morning and i was doing my normal Math revision and solving few problems. I dont know what got into my head and i thought lets try writing names only using numbers .Here you go !!!!

Any guesses what does the number reads ???  Let me know how u liked it 🙂

If i get bored studying , I might make 1 for your name too !!! Happy Visiting !!