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Not my fault

That awkward moment when your friend tells you that he/she got married and you mistakenly ask With your gf ?
i was speaking to a friend after a LONG time ( i think 2 yrs back ) so i vaguely remembered he had a girl friend . On a casual weekend i happened to see him online and started chatting.After the casual talks he told me that he was busy all these days and he got married . I was super excited (as always ) . , the curiosity was killing me to know who the girl was. With all the guts i asked him “With your gf ? ” . The time was hardly moving. I almost stopped breathing. All i could think was he dint get married to his gf and was sitting next to his wife who might have read if he had a gf πŸ˜€ well i know so mean of me !!! But anyways. I was thinking i have really been crazy to have asked that question the 1st place so i would let him handle his wives sentiyaapa for some time and probably ping him after few months πŸ˜€
God that sucks. I was really feeling bad that i am the reason for the couple to end up fighting.
To my surprise he pinged me back and said Yes he got married to his gf . It was all so quick so he couldnt inform. Well that revealed the hell out of me.

I learnt a lesson of this 5 minutes chat i had with my friend .
1. Never share your password with your GF/BF/Husbasd/Wife
2. Never ask a question to the person whose telling you that he s got married πŸ˜€ You might fall in a bigger trap.

#Super Crazy Chat on one fine Sunday


One Billion Minds Unite

My normal life got interesting suddenly. The curiosity increases. Those sleepless nights, Is it just me or something is wrong with the wind. The climate seems to be hottter than it should be but seems like i am in Kashmir. Am i in love ? Feels like jumping. Did I see the passion like this ever before ? I couldnt have been more restless than falling in love with you My … oh no not going to reveal the name.. YES you got me right .. I am talking about the Game which is not just a game now .. Its a matter or Pride, Happiness ,with a motto of Love All in the spirits Thats CRICKET. And if the match is about India VS Pakistan, it has to be Super duper HYPE SHYPE. The Prime Minster of Pakistan joining us and making it a match officially an HYPED “External Affairs” . Too bad for the players for such mental pressures .But Dhoni ji is kept cool by posting this dialogues across “Afridi aur Akhtar se darr nahi lagta saahab..Munaaf aur Nehra se lagta hai”. Too good . Go Dhoni Go Dho daalo ..

But Seriously the match might cause more disasters than any world to borrow nails for tomorrows excitement now πŸ˜€ OMG.
First ever official Mass bunks ever in the history of the Indian Schhols, and the Indian Colleges oh how can i forget i am also pretending working from home tomorrow.
Small tip to the lovers specially girls — Tomorrow if the boy sticks with you rather than watching THE MATCH i think you should marry him :D.

Tips to the Pak Players πŸ™‚ Finish off your packing asap might save time for flight back home tomorrow πŸ™‚

HEAD SHOT -DIshoom Dishoom

Hey Friends,
This is the head shot my brother made πŸ™‚ I am so proud of you πŸ™‚ keepp Β the good work brother

Hey Friends,
I know its been really long since i blogged anything as i am now busy with other things 😦 . I was just stumbling my computer and I came across few Pivot animation which my brother had saved which was “Worth blogging ” … Please have a look and feel free to comment πŸ™‚ Β . Bro You Rock …Really appreciate your efforts πŸ™‚ Please teach me as well πŸ™‚

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Now I Know How The Lilliputians Felt

Hello Friends ,
Presenting A picture of my dad with the tallest man (in the year 2003) .

(Left to Right- dads friends , Gulam, My dad)
> Mr.Gulam Shabbir
> Worlds Tallest Human Being (alive )
> Height – 7.8 feet
> Weight – 175Kg
> Shoe size Β – 47 cm
> Age Β – 20 Years in 2003
> Photograph taken during a Cricket match played in Jubail
> Date – 03/01/2003
> Place- Al Jubail,Β  Saudi Arabia

For all the cricket fan, This is my dads companies team πŸ™‚Β  (3rd from the left hand side) .

A Tribute to my Badminton Teacher

Hello Friends,
This post of mine goes to my badminton coach Mr Lingeshwar Rao Reddy who taught me tricks and helped me become a good badminton player.This is not boasting πŸ˜€ but wanted to tell that he is a great player and a wonderful coach. Thanks to him i could achieve these trophies in just 2 yrs-4 yrs. :).

During the inter-school Badminton competition held in Al-Jubail,Al Dammam, Al Jedah and Riyadh . We , the IIS -Jubail Girls backed many trophies in many fields like badminton, table tennis, Athletics . Fortunate enough to contribute πŸ™‚

Will click a better pic and update it . There are 20 trophies on that table πŸ˜€ all mine πŸ˜€ yay !!!

A Day for all of us !!

Hello Friends,

So its Women’s Day !!
Dont you guys think you deserve a day too ? Come on, Fathers’ day is not enough, I guess Men don’t realize that be it Valentines day, be it Rakshabandan , be it any day they are the ones who have to gift the girls πŸ˜€ . Ahem girls relax but we want a reality check. Men and Women are β€œdifferent but equal” A famous quote said by The Rebbe β€œAfter thousands of years of male dominance, we now stand at the beginning of the feminine era, when women will rise to their appropriate prominence, and the entire world will recognize the harmony between man and woman

Coming to the point I wonder why people celebrate those day in the first case. Just to show that they care ? oh oh oh , I am sorry but wow , Thanks for a drama on 1 single day. Do people remember their sister, mother, grand-mom, gfs, aunt, etc etc only on this day ? oh there is a Valentines day for the gfs , a mothers day for mothers. Love the person , respect the person only one day in the year ? Is that all we want? or should I say we are sooooo busy with our socio-economic status that we postpone all our regards/love/respect to be said just on a particular day. We really appreciate it but thank you. I am sure the present century girls oh even the guys do not want, I am sorry DO NOT WANT SUCH days. We want all the 365 days where people respect every1. I am sure the world would be very different. The rape cases, the parent who have been kicked out ,no racism, no caste problem., no reservation nothing ,

I seriously feel if one has to name a day
-Cant we just have “Happy Being day ” –Cant we just thank god for giving us this beautiful day for us to do something we want to .
-Cant we just appreciate the day and live life with the whole spirit ? i am sure if every1 has a similar vision, the way i do (in this context atleast) We wont be far off from living a life without any sadness, hatred.

Thats what i call “All izz well” Live life like no 1 will forget you ofcourse for your good deeds πŸ™‚ We just have 1 life to make a difference . Make good use of it πŸ™‚

Design for Friends


I think the title should have been “A Journey – JUBAIL -JEDDAH- JUBAIL”
Never mind, It was the turn of IIS- Jeddah (International Indian School -Jeddah) to hold the Annual Cluster Meet in the year 2002-2003. Did i tell you i was in IIS Al Jubail ? Anyways, out of 1000s of students , 20Β  were the fortunate ones to represent our school in this interschool event. It was an overwhelming experience flying over the desert (one corner to the other). We were welcomed by the IIS -Jeddah teachers and reached the school asap. We begun our cluster meet with a March Past. I felt honoured to lead my school team in the Opening Ceremony , a feeling to Win all the Sports competition we were in. All the participants in Athletics, Badminton, TT, Debate performed to the best of their ability to bring glory to our school. The winners felt jubilant while the losers left with a determination to achieve their goal next time. We backed many Trophies and Medals to make our school proud of us.

Part of our activity other than Sports meet wasΒ  SNOW WORLD . Surprised ? A snow world in a desert ? Yes indeed the best moment of my life and that too in a “Burqua “. πŸ˜€ (dont be surprised , i was in KSA πŸ™‚ ) . We enjoyed sight seeing and playing Antaksharii and other indoor games when we were not occupied.

Bringing laurels to our school gave us immense pleasure. Finally the jubilant Jubail Jacks Jogged to Jubail after a Joyful Journey in Jeddah

(This article was printed in our School Magazine)

Mud Avtar

Hello Friends,
These days in am in search of all mud objects at my place an trying to give a color to those object with poster paint πŸ™‚ . So next attempt of mine was with “Ganeshji”.
Think of a question ( preferably close ended , eg. “Will I get a promotion this year or a good college or a good company with a better package??” ). We think of God Ganesha.
All i want to say is kaise kaiso ko diya hai , apni bhi toh lift karade ;P

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